January 11, 2016

Tom Coyle Passing

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___Texas has lost one its judo pioneers, Tom Coyle. He passed away peacefully in sleep last night at the age of 90. Tom was one of the founding members of the Denton Jr. Judo Club in 1957. He was a very important member of our club for many years in the capacity of instructor, tournament director, and club treasurer. We extend our sympathy to his son, Doug Coyle.

Tom was a great asset to our club.  He and Mose truly loved working with us kids.

Tom taught the beginner group, he was mine and everyone else’s first teacher as they entered our club.  He took care of many aspects of the club together with Mose Woodson.  He did so with a smile, he had is little sayings to get you to work. (my favorite example “now get ants in your pants” to get you to move and try to escape from a pin.)

Doug and Tom Coyle  about 1975



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